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You Asked, We Answered

When did YAROBI CO.,Ltd founded?

YAROBI Co., Ltd was founded on March 8, 2016.

What is the meaning of "YAROBI"?

The name Yarobi inspires compassion, straightforwardness, and liveliness. The name is based on "YAROBI Luck Ring" from California. Long before European explorers reached the African continent, a great civilization flourished in the region now known as Nigeria. Its people were known as the Yarobi.
Celebrated for their ability to succeed and prosper in a hostile environment, legend attributes their remarkable achievements to a mystical amulet known as the Yarobi Luck Ring.
It is said that this extraordinary amulet engulfs the wearer in a protective aura while bestowing luck, prestige, and prosperity.


Guided by a need to explore and find what makes their heart sing, these people will try many things in life and seem to always be at ease with their choices.

The letter A appears to set a tone of adventure and the pursuit of whatever one yearns for.

The 'R' reveals a character more drawn to emotional rather than rational reactions, as this is a person who finds it easy to share their feelings and weaknesses.

This letter is the alphabetical equal of the number 6 and thus stands for service to others, a warm and gentle character as well as a great power of imagination.

In the case of the 'B', there is a need to do what is loved and remain excited about it, this being regarded as a life principle to guide by.

On the negative side, 'I' is egotistical and prideful, willing to do anything for the appreciation of others.

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How did YAROBI CO.,Ltd start?

YAROBI Co., Ltd was founded on March 8, 2016, by U Naing Htoo Ko (Terry) and four friends. In the beginning, it was running with General Partnership. In 2019, it would become Sole Proprietorship Company by U Naing Htoo Ko (Terry) who always wanted to achieve the highest level of product quality and fulfill customer satisfaction which is the priority of today and the future.

What are available at "Yarobi Myanmar"?

We are providing various kinds of textile services such as garment, computerized embroidery, silk screen printing, collar & cuff knitting. As we always want to achieve high-quality products, we use high-quality supplements like Japan-made Tajima machines for computerized embroidery designs, Thailand-made inks for silk screen printing, etc. High-quality packaging for all applied services is also one of the advantages.

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Who are our big clients?

  • ​United Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd

  • Mega Lifesciences Ltd

  • Myanmar Medical Association (MMA)

  • MPT

  • Kanbawza Bank (KBZ Bank)

  • uab Bank

  • Advancing Telecommunications of Myanmar (ATOM Myanmar)

  • Myanmar Distribution Group (MDG)

  • Lluvia Limited

  • Corteva Agriscience

  • Zuellig Pharma

  • UN World Food Programme Myanmar (WFP)

  • UN High Commissioner for Refugees Myanmar (UNHCR)

  • Myanmar Padauk

  • Million Mart

  • Fuxing Brother

  • Colgate-Palmolive Co., Ltd

  • PRO 1 Global Home Center

  • DKSH (Myanmar) Ltd.

  • AA Medical

  • IGE group of companies

  • AG Electric Myanmar

  • Capital Hypermarket

  • ICICLE Group of Co., Ltd

  • Honda NCX Myanmar

  • Camusat Myanmar

  • KOSPA Limited

  • MPRL E&P Pte Ltd

  • Kubota Myanmar Co., Ltd

  • Yoma Heavy Equipment

  • Wave Money

  • New Holland Agriculture

  • Yangon United FC (YUFC)


  • Toyo Tires Company

  • BOC Best Oil Company


What is our Company registration?

DICA registration - "Click here"

Registration Number - 114640867

Registration Date - 08/03/2016

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